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What is an opportunity with WIECHINA? It's a beginning. It's about touching the lives of students and giving them a bright future through English. It's about guiding them into an international culture. It's energetic days filled with smiles and laughter... but that's just the beginning. Where it goes from there is up to you. Enjoy the free time and long vacations of public school, the enthusiasm and small class sizes of a private school, maybe you specialize in a subject, or maybe you want to take advantage of an opportunity that might open in our corporate office. There are plenty of opportunities with WIECHINA and no matter what you decide to do once you've arrived, one thing is for certain, your new, once in a lifetime experience, begins right here!    



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May 1.2018

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The WIECHINA Teacher Advantage


WIECHINA has teams dedicated to every aspect of your employment in China. We employ foreign managers and teaching mentors to optimize our processes, mediate cultural issues, and create a smooth and happy work life to ensure quality teaching and job satisfaction. 

Continued Training
As a leader in education solutions in China, WIECHINA Teacher offers teaching opportunities at a wide variety of different school types.   From public school, private language centers, kindergartens and even leadership positions, we give you the chance to find the best position for yourself

Chinese Lessons
One of the biggest obstacles our teachers face is being able to communicate with people on a daily basis.  Many of the native Chinese teachers in your school will know English, and many poeple you meet from day to day will also know English, if only enough to get by. 

Cultural Activities
Throughout your time with us, we'll organize several cultural activies.  Some of these events are ways for you to learn about the culture of China.  Trips to historic sites and other places that might give you more insight into Chinese history and culture. 

Education League

WIE-World International Education

Being a Leader of the Education League based in Guangzhou, WIE  has hundreds of diversified partner schools, ranging from kindergartens to colleges, private to public, domestic to international. Along with the fast development of China, now almost every school is fully equipped with modern functional buildings and multimedia classrooms now. Some top-notch schools are even unbelievably spacious and hi-tech. All schools will be honored by your presence and dedication to our education.

Teacher Benefits

  • - Insurance Provided
    - Legal Working Visa Provided
    - Flight Provided
  • - Airport Pickup
    - Various Position Options
    - Free Chinese Classes
    - A Rewarding Career Path
  • - Competitive Pay 
    - Holiday Bonus
    - 18 teaching hours


The best part is definitely the students because they have given me a lot of joy in the classroom and they have really grown to a different style of teaching, and they have been very helping and they have interacted with my essence as well. And also thanks to the company for giving me a good platform to work with, and just allowing my own creativity to kind of integrate with this platform too.

By Samuel, UK

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