WIEChina placed me in a wonderful school very close to where my apartment is. I have great relationships with both the staff and students. I teach grade 3, 4, and 5. The students in my classes are enthusiastic and well behaved. Lots of them already have a fair grasp of the English language.
I am having the most amazing time in Guangzhou, China. I would highly recommend coming here. If you do decide to come, do not hesitate to contact WIEChina. They are friendly, professional, and are here to help.


I have been in China for 15 months now working for WIE and it has been a great experience so far. They have been very efficient with everything. They booked a hotel for me arriving so I could go straight there and by day 2 I had my Chinese sim card and a bank account open. Finding a place to stay was next on the list and they found me a place within my budget very quickly. They are also in constant interaction with me and if I ever have any issues they are quick to help out. 
I have really enjoyed life in China. It’s a nice country with lovely people and I haven’t encountered any “culture shock” as so many people do. Perhaps because I have lived in Asia for a number of years already. The food is fantastic and I haven’t had anything I can say I don’t like yet. The weather in Guangzhou is hot and humid most of the year but we are coming into winter now which will be very welcome. 




The first few weeks were difficult to adjust. The cultural differences, new job, and knowing no one when arriving was daunting. WIECHINA played a key part helping me settle in to my new city and lifestyle. From the first moment when they picked me up from the airport till now they have been very supportive. The training they provided helped me feel a lot more confident heading into the school. The first few weeks in the school was exciting, however quite difficult. Through the various WIEChina social events I have made some great friends who will stay with me for life. My work schedule has allowed me to do a lot of site-seeing in Guangzhou, and travel a bit as well!

Having travelled around and seen many amazing things China has to offer, I am very pleased I have settled down in Guangzhou. 
I really enjoy working for WIEChina, there are so many great people to work with, fun social events organised by other foreign teachers and the classes are a lot of fun to teach. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to teach in China!



I have been working for WIECHINA for two and a half years now. My experience here has been mostly positive. On arrival into Guangzhou, a member of staff picked me up at the airport and took me to my hotel. I was offered assistance for things such as looking for an apartment, getting a Chinese SIM card, getting a metro card and basic lessons in Chinese language. During training I was provided with teaching materials, the chance to watch demo classes and given a lesson plan template. WIECHINA do most the paperwork making the work visa application a lot less stressful for those coming to a new country. 
Coming to China has been one of the best decisions I have made. WIECHINA sorted most the paperwork making attaining a work visa a lot less stress than imagined. They are always there to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Working for WIECHINA gave me the opportunity to work for an international school, I’ve had a fantastic experience here, my students come from all over the world. I’m not only learning about Chinese culture, but also my student’s. 

Working for WIECHINA has been a mostly postive experience. Thanks to them, I’m working for an international school. This opportunity has enabled me to develop both professionally and personally. My work life is exciting, sometimes busy, but I very rarely have a bad day. My amazing students come from all over world and are always inspiring me. Moving to China was one of the best decisions I’ve made, I’ve made amazing friends from different countries, travelled around China and had the chance to study the language, I am now able to get around using Mandarin Chinese and have just started studying Cantonese.     

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