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Before coming to China

My name is Bryant and before coming to China, I was scared and not sure of how life would be before making the leap over. Before, I taught a year in South Korea but wanted to get more into the Business field or go into teaching at a higher level. My time in Korea was teaching Elementary and Middle school students as I helped them a lot and liked it a lot but wanted to do something more.


Teaching English is an industry where you not only grow as a person but where you can help out many communities, meet other leaders and get involved a lot. In Korea, I was part of Toastmasters, helped out the homeless population at Seoul Station on Sunday’s for (P.L.U.R.), got engaged within the Film Community as well went to many conferences and was a part of other organizations.


When researching for an opportunity online for either a role in Business English or going into the HR profession, someone reached out to me and told me about an exciting opportunity at WIEChina.   I did not know about WIEChina but was open more to hearing more about them. The person put me in contact with Priscilla from WIEChina (who helped me a lot) and I was excited to hear about opportunities they would have for me. After they heard more about what I was looking for they that they gave me an offer I could not refuse.


The role was to teach at a University where I can teach English to students from Business, Hospitality, Engineering and other fields as well help WIEChina on the HR side. This was something that interested me in that it was the best of both worlds for me. I thought an opportunity like this would not exist but was amazed that the hard work shows that anything is possible.


Once, I signed the documents the hard part was the was getting everything for the Visa and that I was lost but WIEChina gave me an information sheet as well guided me through the process.  I was able to get support from my family from America to get some of the paperwork and I got some of the paperwork completed from South Korea. Before coming, Priscilla and WIEChina kept in contact with me as it showed me that they care for teachers and give a lot of support. Even after coming to China, they still helped me a lot from showing me places to go to, app that work in China, training me by improving my teaching skills and always be helpful from everyone at the office. I was amazed by the professionalism and how WIEChina does care for its teachers even from hearing from other teachers as it showed it is more like a family culture.


In the end, I am amazed and glad to come to China and can’t wait for my role at the University in October. If you are looking at more ways to teach, to have support, reaching your potential and making an impact then look at WIEChina as they will help you to be successful.


Bryant Santana



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