• Before coming to China


    My name is Bryant and before coming to China, I was scared and not sure of how life would be before making the leap over. Before, I taught a year in South Korea but wanted to get more into the Business field or go into teaching at a higher level. My time in Korea was teaching Elementary and Middle school students as I helped them a lot and liked it a lot but wanted to do something more.

  • Tips for “Survival” in China without Technology


    By Anna Luzanne @WIEChinaThe first thing I realized when I arrived in China is that technology is a necessity. You can do so many things with your cellphone, like:· Booking a Didi (Chinese version of Uber)· Pay for your bill at the restaurant or for your groceries via WeChat or Alipay· Order takeout online· Online shopping· Translation apps when you want to speak to a localThe list goes on and there are plenty resources for using these apps to get along easy in China.But what if your cellph

  • Attractions in Guangzhou You Should Never Miss


    By Issac @WIEChinaGuangzhou is so famous throughout China even in the world mainly for its cuisine and foreign trade. We also have countless skyscrapers and shopping centers all over the energetic city. History and Lingnan (Cantonese) culture can be seen everywhere. Today we are going to introduce some of the must-see attractions in Guangzhou.Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (上下九步行街)Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is more than 800 meters long. It is quite equivalent to Shanghai's Nanjing

  • Integrated Teaching for ESL Teachers [Teaching]


    Written by Fidelio @WIEChinaIt’s a helpless suffering for an ESL kid to get stuck in a tough circle filled with routine blocks announced by the teacher’s tedious orders: “Let’s learn some new words first”, “Here comes the patterns”, “Now we need to make some practice for the sentences” ... These iron fences somehow destroy both the students’ and the teacher’s appetite for a new lesson: just successfully dragging themselvesto the end of the class.Thus the methods on integratedteachinga

  • ESL Teacher’s First Day in School


    By Issac @WIEChinaIs it a teacher's first day in school as exciting as the students'?The answer is Absolutely.After meeting principal and being introduced to other teachers in the sweet new school, we were shown around by the friendly co-teacher Shirley. We have been to the library where there is a lovely meeting corner so nice and inspiring that let one's ideas sparkle, the labs, the playground, and classrooms.No wonder school is the purest place in the world. Even a stranger comes

  • My Life in China


    Hello, my name is Sean, I am from Canada and I have been working in china alongside my wife (Brandy) for more than six years. Yes, long before “wechat”, “mobike”, “Meituan” and all the wonderful conveniences in china today. I have been here long enough to see china change an grow many times over and have been lucky enough to prosper in this country and at this company. This is my story:The year was 2010 I was in college for a program called “Television and new media”. I was studying to b

  • Apartment hunting tips for who work and teach in China [Accommodation]


    Written by Luke@WIEChinaAlmost every newcomer to Guangzhou has faced a problem that is how to find somewhere nice to live in this crowded megapolis. Guangzhou is a very busy city, its population is 13.5 million, the 6thlargest in China and its GDP is 1810 billion Rmb, which is the 3rdlargest in China. Although there are a lot of jobs oppurtunites, competition and pressure are also intense, in order to survive in this city, people need to work really hard and you are likely to be really tired aft

  • Master your social life in China [Living]


    by Abraham@WIEChinaDearESLteachers,Living in China could be a total different life experience for you. For some people, it seems not so easy, especially when they come to a new world, trying to figure out things all by themselves in their old fashion; however for some other people, living in China could be an unique and fascinating life experience, they could get many new friends, new life experience, gain competence for the future career. What makes this difference could be: how well you

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