• A Guide to Obtaining a Work Visa in China


    Recently, Chinahas implemented a more active, open and effective foreign talent policy. It has simplified the application process, allowing for the majority to be done online. For those employers intending to hire foreigners in China, it is important to comply with the local laws and regulations regardingexpatriates. For instance, employers must be legally established and must have the necessary certifications from the appropriate industry administration.Foreigners applying for a work visa in Ch

  • Being A Teacher in Chinese Schools


    What is it like to be a teacher in China? Your experience is what you make it.Your experience may be different depending on what age you decide to teach. You have many options, from teaching kindergarten to teaching adults. Let’s take a look.If you choose kindergarten, you will have energetic children who are curious but have yet todevelop their English. This can be rewarding if you like children. It also helps to have a nice singing voice. As a kindergarten teacher, you will teach the ch

  • How to Teach Legally in China


    What do you need in order to work and teach legally in China? To secure a full time English teaching job, you must check out this and you can find out more in our website.

  • Teaching in China | My Students, My Life, My Co-workers


    Every member of staff at the school has been more than happy to help me with anything I needed, regardless of how much English they know or how much Chinese I can remember. It really felt like they made an active effort to go out of their way to make me extremely comfortable

  • English Immersion Teaching


    In our programs in marginal Guangdong schools. No matter in which grade, everyone feels excited. After all, most of the students are the first time to communicate with foreigners in English all the way. Although, everyone was shy and few dared to express themselves, our teachers chose to use English immersion teaching method, which improves our students ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, and gains a broader international perspective.

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