• My Life in China


    Hello, my name is Sean, I am from Canada and I have been working in china alongside my wife (Brandy) for more than six years. Yes, long before “wechat”, “mobike”, “Meituan” and all the wonderful conveniences in china today. I have been here long enough to see china change an grow many times over and have been lucky enough to prosper in this country and at this company. This is my story:The year was 2010 I was in college for a program called “Television and new media”. I was studying to b

  • Apartment hunting tips for who work and teach in China [Accommodation]


    Written by Luke@WIEChinaAlmost every newcomer to Guangzhou has faced a problem that is how to find somewhere nice to live in this crowded megapolis. Guangzhou is a very busy city, its population is 13.5 million, the 6thlargest in China and its GDP is 1810 billion Rmb, which is the 3rdlargest in China. Although there are a lot of jobs oppurtunites, competition and pressure are also intense, in order to survive in this city, people need to work really hard and you are likely to be really tired aft

  • Master your social life in China [Living]


    by Abraham@WIEChinaDearESLteachers,Living in China could be a total different life experience for you. For some people, it seems not so easy, especially when they come to a new world, trying to figure out things all by themselves in their old fashion; however for some other people, living in China could be an unique and fascinating life experience, they could get many new friends, new life experience, gain competence for the future career. What makes this difference could be: how well you

  • Teacher’s Suggestion --Some Tips to ESL Make Your Life Easy in Guangzhou, China


    By Thomas Mcmanamon, ESL Teacher @WIEChinaTips for commuting in GZ Guangzhou is home to over 13 million people, making travel in and around the city a pretty big event. Lets see some of the best ways to make you journeys in GZ stress free.Ride a bike! China is famous for its love of bicycles and has more bikes than any other country on the planet. It is also the world leader when in comes to bike sharing. Guangzhou has many bike share companies that offer bikes for you to hop on and off at your

  • Love--Why I Chose to Stay


    By Sam @WIEChinaThe intricate melodic sound erupting from my phone signals another start to a day of where I’ll be surprised, inspired and most likely exhausted as school awaits me. The morning dawn pierces light through the crevices that have appeared due to the sagging of my curtains most likely put up years ago. I lazily float a hand from the side of my bed, seizing the now painful noise that has awakened my eagerness to confront the day that lies ahead.Is the coffee in the pot? Tie or no ti

  • Teaching in China Small Town As ESL Teacher


    By Adam Hawks, ESL Teacher @WIEChinaPeople have traveled to China throughout the centuries to discover fortune and fame. For hundreds of years, traders from around the world have ventured to the Middle Kingdom to change their destiny. In a modernizing China, many people from different nationalities are still discovering new methods to change their livelihood. By becoming an ESL teacher in China, I was also on my own quest to discover a new self. However, I was not seeking riches or fame, but rat

  • My Super Participation in Cultural Communication


    By Tim @WIEChinaBeing a teacher in a foreign country is much more than imparting knowledge on students in the classroom. It is about being part of the community. It is about being a representative of your home country. It is about sharing cultures to find similarities and comparing cultures to earn about differences. The greatest thing a teacher can do to help his students is to relate an environment in which the student will love his subject. If a student enjoys his English lesson, if he laughs

  • ESL Teacher's Story--A Good Way to Meet People And Start Your Life


    By Molly@WIEChinaDear readers. If you are an ESL Teacher in a foreign country far away from home, you probably feel the same way as I have been through:Many of us came to a brand new country (For me I teach in China) all alone and felt excited to meet new people in this nation; however, many of us also learn very quickly that the language barrier or a busy schedule can make it difficult to do this with ease.Do not feel trapped or question youself for starting the vanture. You just need a gateway

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