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Master your social life in China [Living]

Written by Abraham @WIEChina

Dear ESL teachers,

Living in China could be a total different life experience for you. For some people, it seems not so easy, especially when they come to a new world, trying to figure out things all by themselves in their old fashion; however for some other people, living in China could be an unique and fascinating life experience, they could get many new friends, new life experience, gain competence for the future career. What makes this difference could be: how well you manage your social life in China.

We --- Worlda, as a leading international education company in China with more than 13 years of experience in intercultural communication, will try to help make it easier for you to have a better social life in China. Now we would recommend 3 tipsat this round in the following:1531969293752546.jpg

In China, a lot of things could be different for you. In internet there are instructions, tips for living in China, which could improve your life here, however, a real Chinese friend should not be substituted by abstract information. 

Chinese friends could not only help you way much sooner and easier to figure things out, solve problems, get useful information, which you probably could not find by yourself, but also make your life happier, as anywhere else when you have wonderful friends.

So, don’t stay alone or only make friends with your countrymen in China, open yourself, make the first move (a lot of Chinese are too shy for initial contact), then it could be not difficult to have Chinese friends. 

A lot of Chinese people would hang out in groups. Social circle is important in China, it is not so usual to get to know someone in 1 to 1 situation at the very beginning, as in Western, like in clubs. So join some groups, make friends there, or some regular events, which could help you enlarge your social circle, make more friends.

e760ce87a02e5c0e00dc579ca0febd7f.jpegIf you choose to live in big cities in China, it could be much easier to join groups or events, there are so many options in big cities. Check in internet, find some groups or events in your city, you don’t have to be very picky before going there, go there first, make some friends there, and let these friends become you social circle, let your social circle grows by being introduced or invited to other people or events. Once you have people in your social circle in abundance, consider with whom you would spend more time.

If you live in small towns, learn Chinese language and join local events, be friendly, always initiate something, take the first step. 

China is becoming more and more international, more and more Chinese could speak and understand other languages (especially English), as a foreigner, however, the urge to learn Chinese language could never be faded away if you decide to live here. 

First we have to admit, Chinese is not easy to learn. But if you want to improve your life in China without being limited only in big cities; if you want to know deep about China and Chinese people, their mentality or lifestyle; if you want to enhance your competence in your future career in China or even anywhere else, leaning Chinese is strongly recommended, plus it makes fun if you make it so. 

So, now how to learn Chinese? 

There are tons of advice in internet, please check it and try some tips, find the way that suits you; also take Chinese class, especially at the beginning, getting systematic and regular support from a language class could help you take off on this journey; learn Chinese by using it in your everyday life, as you were in your homeland.        

So we’ve finished the suggestion part, wish you a great time in China. More tips and suggestions for a better living in China will follow soon, please stay tuned!


Thank you for reading





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