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ESL Teacher’s First Day in School

By Issac @WIEChina

Is it a teacher's first day in school as exciting as the students'?

The answer is Absolutely.

After meeting principal and being introduced to other teachers in the sweet new school, we were shown around by the friendly co-teacher Shirley.  We have been to the library where there is a lovely meeting corner so nice and inspiring that let one's ideas sparkle, the labs,  the playground, and classrooms.

No wonder school is the purest place in the world. Even a stranger comes into classroom, students  would welcome him with the warmest hugs, cheers, embrace with their curiosity, questions, and jokes like a long known friend.

New teacher gave a self-introduction while playing some fun TPR games with students. During the laugh and cheer both sides got to know each other, and teacher's class rule has been introduced.

The weather was so lovely. The summer is not over yet. Everything seems a good sign. And we are looking forward to see them next class already.

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