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Teacher’s Suggestion --Some Tips to ESL Make Your Life Easy in Guangzhou, China

By Thomas Mcmanamon, ESL Teacher @WIEChina

Tips for commuting in GZ

Guangzhou is home to over 13 million people, making travel in and around the city a pretty big event. Lets see some of the best ways to make you journeys in GZ stress free.

Ride a bike! China is famous for its love of bicycles and has more bikes than any other country on the planet. It is also the world leader when in comes to bike sharing. Guangzhou has many bike share companies that offer bikes for you to hop on and off at your convenience. Download Mobike or OFO to skip the metro and experience the city by bike instead.

Taxi! Its likely that a taxi will be cheaper in Guangzhou compared to your hometown. Hail a cab from the street and off you go. If you want to be like a local, download the app DIDI. It’s the exact same as uber and even comes with live translation so you can text your driver in English


Tips for commuting in China

Looking to travel around China in your free time? Have a look at some of our essential China travel tips.

When travelling around China, the website CTrip is your best bet to find the best deals online. Flights, trains and accommodation are on offer on there easy to use website and APP.

Bullet trains. China’s bullet trains are some of the best trains in the world. You can travel across the country in half a day on a comfortable train. Good deals are available throughout the year, just make sure to book as early as possible as tickets often sell out.

Passport. When traveling in China, make sure you always have your passport. Even if your traveling within the same province, it is often required that you present your passport to purchase or collect tickets.

Why Wechat matters

Make space on your phone for your new favourite app!

WeChat is an essential part of life in China. This APP will really elevate your experience living in China so lets see what it can do.

WeChat messenger. Its almost guaranteed that your workmates and friend in China will be using WeChat. If you don’t have an account you will have a tricky time messaging anyone you want to get a hold off. The messenger app has some fun and unique features so download now and start exploring.

WeChat wallet. WeChat provides a mobile payment service. Simply attach your bank card to you WeChat account and you can make a payment in the blink of an eye. Pay a bill, send your friend that money you owe them and even buy a cinema ticket.

Wechat moments. This is where you can share some of your photos and see what your friends have been up to in the past few days. You can also share music recommendations and news articles for your friends to check out.1531907586958912.jpg

Differences in schools

We all know that schools from around the world are different in many different ways. Lets take a look at how many Chinese schools will differ from what you may be use to back home.

Firstly, size. Chinese school can have huge classroom sizes, with some teachers having around 50 students in their class at one time. This will obviously mean that you will have to adapt your classes to accommodate such a large amount of people.

The school day may also include some different activities. Most schools will have breaks in between lessons for students to complete their eye exercises. This will be a very strange thing to experience the first time you see it! The are also weekly ceremonies such as the flag raising ceremony where the whole school meet to raise the flag on a Monday morning.

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