• Chinese Tea


    Chinese people are believed to have enjoyed tea drinking for more than 4,000 years. Legend has it that Yan Di, one of three rulers in ancient times, tasted all kinds of herbs to find medical cures. One day,as he was being poisoned by some herb he had ingested; a drop of water from a tea tree dripped into his mouth and he was saved. For a long time, tea was used as an herbal medicine. During the Western Zhou Dynasty,it was a religious offering. During the Spring and Autumn Period, people ate fres

  • Sparkle in a flash


    Kids are full of imagination. But Chinese students need more push (encouragement I mean) in expressing themselves. WIEChina teachers would always be there for our kids. Just a little bit inspiration, you will see the amaze of their talents.

  • Happy Class Happy Life


    Every kid needs a champion, by Rita Pierson. As an educator, WIEChina teachers always know we influence our students far more than just in academics. Kids don't learn from people they don't like. It is the love, attention, responsibility that felt by the kids make us their teachers.

  • Christmas Theme Class


    Christmas is inclusive. It is for everyone. An ESL foreign teacher in classroom brings far more than English. There is also cultural integration, joy and fun.

  • Final Spurt


    It is near the end of semester. Our students and teachers started the final review for exams. Fighting kids. You are the best.

  • New Teacher in The Town


    This is taken on 12/14/2018. The first day of our new teacher arrived at Suanggang Town in Dongguan. He is the first foreign teacher ever been in the school. Students were crazy about saying hello to our teacher and gave him a big warm welcome.

  • China Online Shopping Carnival & The Guide to Start Using Taobao


    By Issac@WIEChinaHello guys. To those who are already living and going to live in China and those already know or may not know, I would like to bring you a breaking news: The Double 11 Day is coming!!!! The Double 11 Day (Nov. 11th) is also called Singles’ Day in China which is originally observed by young people to celebrate (or regret) their singleness. Coz the number “1” just looks like a person who is being so lonely without a partner, let alone there are 4 1s on November the 11th. So the

  • Look into China (1) -- Chinese Theatre


    Article: Fidelio Translation: Issac @WIEChinaOn October 22nd (local time), the Peking Opera The Three Way Fork, 2017 (三岔口2017) was successfully put on as the closure show of the 52nd Dimitria Festival in Thessalonica, Greek. It was the 2nd time the opera played in Europe following its 1st time in Bucharest Arts in Romania on June this year.As one of the three macro-groups of stage in the history of stage in the world, Paleo-Greece opera and India theatricals are the other two, Chinese theatre

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