• My Super Participation in Cultural Communication


    By Tim @WIEChinaBeing a teacher in a foreign country is much more than imparting knowledge on students in the classroom. It is about being part of the community. It is about being a representative of your home country. It is about sharing cultures to find similarities and comparing cultures to earn about differences. The greatest thing a teacher can do to help his students is to relate an environment in which the student will love his subject. If a student enjoys his English lesson, if he laughs

  • ESL Teacher's Story--A Good Way to Meet People And Start Your Life


    By Molly@WIEChinaDear readers. If you are an ESL Teacher in a foreign country far away from home, you probably feel the same way as I have been through:Many of us came to a brand new country (For me I teach in China) all alone and felt excited to meet new people in this nation; however, many of us also learn very quickly that the language barrier or a busy schedule can make it difficult to do this with ease.Do not feel trapped or question youself for starting the vanture. You just need a gateway

  • Tips from ESL Teacher for Living and Teaching in China!


    Edited by Yolanda@WIEChinaInitially, moving to a new country may seem daunting at first. However, believe it or not, this feeling does subside!Moreover, I have found the following tips have made my transition less overwhelming. Firstly, I will suggest that you download The Baidu Translate App (or whichever App you are most comfortable with using). If possible before you arrive, try and learn a few Mandarin words that will make communicating much easier.Secondly, I recommend downloading Didi (tax

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